Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Loss Solutions for Women
Are you losing your hair but not sure what to do? Is your hair looking more fine and thin? Artemis has a customized solution just for you.

Chemotherapy Wigs

Chemotherapy and Cancer Patient Wigs in Houston
Are you about to undergo Chemotherapy and afraid of losing your identity? We specialize in the finest quality human hair wigs in Houston.

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Artemis Hair Studio Reviews
With over 35 years of experience serving Houston's medical centers, we have the honor of helping thousand of women in need. Watch here...

Human Hair Wigs in Houston, Texas

Welcome to Artemis Hair Studio

We help women like you keep your identity while experiencing hair loss.

By educating you, and designing a customized hair loss solution just for you, we help alleviate your fear of losing your hair and your identity.

Artemis is not your ordinary wig shop. We offer the finest quality human hair wigs, chemotherapy wigs, and Follea wigs in Houston for women’s hair loss.
Call us today to experience the difference with Artemis Hair Studio.


3 Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my new hair look natural?
Yes. By using only the finest quality materials and the best human hair available in the world, Artemis garments (human hair wigs) are undetectable and look as if the hairs were growing directly from your scalp.

If I am going through chemotherapy when should I purchase my wig?
The ideal time to begin purchase on a wig is after your physician prescribes your treatment. This way your custom chemotherapy wig will be ready when you need it.

Will insurance reimburse me for my wig?
In most cases insurance will pay for your wig. However, coverage will vary based on your specific policy. Click here for more details…

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Kitsa’s Korner

How to Sculpt Natural-Looking Eyebrows After Hair Loss September 18, 2017 - Losing your hair can feel devastating, whether you’re battling cancer or suffering from any number of conditions that rob you of your luscious locks. After all, your hair is part of your identity, and to lose that, it can feel like you’re losing a part of you. At Artemis Hair Studio, we understand how important […]
Let’s go gray in May for National Brain Cancer & Brain Tumor Awareness Month May 4, 2017 - Did you know that about 17,000 people every year in the U.S.  are diagnosed with cancer that began in or next to the brain? Unfortunately brain cancer is also the number one cause of cancer death in children. Many people with brain tumors are diagnosed after going to the doctor for symptoms such as headaches. […]

“We guarantee to provide top tier, individually certified stylists that offer the world’s most beautiful hair.”

Or Call us today To Schedule Your Free Consultation (713) 576-6918


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