Dealing With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy WigsOnce someone is diagnosed, chemotherapy is most likely used to help treat cancer. It is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells by stopping their ability to grow and divide. There are different ways of receiving chemotherapy such as thru IV, pills, liquid, injection, as a cream and several other ways.

We have learned that everyone experiences chemotherapy differently. Dealing with chemo can be a frightening, emotional feeling. Some people may feel fine for the first few hours following chemo and others may begin to feel ill 12 or 24 hours later. Not only do you feel sick but in some cases, it causes hair loss depending on the type of drug, dosage, drug treatments in the past and individual sensitivity to the drug.

Support Through Chemotherapy

While cancer has a significant impact on you, it also affects your entire family and friends. It’s a good idea to have a loved one accompany you to your chemotherapy sessions for support! Chemo lowers the count of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells are made in the bone marrow which helps the body fight infection. Someone receiving chemo is prone to infections, especially viral infections such as a cold or flu.

Relief From Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom when taking medication. Luckily doctors can recommend anti-nausea drugs. It’s helpful to eat a small meal before your chemo appointment. An empty stomach will worsen your symptoms. Try to avoid smells that are unappealing. Other symptoms associated with chemotherapy are fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, appetite change, mouth sores, neuropathy (dysfunction of the nerves) and hair loss.

Hair Loss During Chemotherapy Treatments

Almost all of our clients have stated that hair loss is the most challenging aspect of Chemotherapy. It is essential to know that not all chemo drugs cause hair loss. Hair loss will usually take place either 10 to 14 or 14 to21 days after your first chemo session. It can range from just a small amount of hair loss to complete hair loss on your head, eyebrows, lashes and other parts of the body. Your hair will, fortunately, grow back after Chemotherapy is done and over with, however, it can take up to a year to get a full head of hair.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Tips

Some tips during the hair loss phase are to use gentle hair products, place a drain in your shower, putting a towel on your pillow for easier cleaning. Some people prefer to cut their hair short, so the impact is not so shocking, and others prefer to shave it until the day they receive their new garment (wig).

Once your hair starts growing back, the texture and color can change, but soon after that, your original texture will return for the majority of our clients.  Some individuals prefer to wear scarfs during their hair loss period. It is recommended to purchase a quality human hair wig (garment) to lessen the psychological effects of going through chemo.

If you maintain your regular appearance, you can feel better about yourself and concentrate on the healing process.  Also, individuals that view you will perhaps not even know you are going through the chemo.  The last thing most of our clients want is the pity of others.  Replacing your hair for the year, it will take to grow back will avoid this.

Insurance Coverage For Your Chemotherapy Wig

Because wigs for cancer patients and other health conditions are not for cosmetic purposes, they may qualify for reimbursement covered by your health insurance. Many private insurance companies now cover all or some of the cost of a medical wig as long as you have a prescription. It’s not uncommon to receive reimbursement of 80-100% of the cost of a medical wig.

It’s important to know that to qualify, most insurance companies, require a qualifying medical diagnosis given by your treating physician which could make you eligible for reimbursement for your medical wig also called Cranial Prosthesis.

Schedule a private hair consultation with our experienced stylists who specialize in hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatments. We understand what you are going through and can help you understand, prepare, and cope with your hair loss.  The Artemis team can also help you gather the documents and information you will need to get your hair garment covered by your insurance company.

Artemis Hair Studio is a full-service upscale salon in Bellaire, Texas serving all of Houston and surrounding communities. Schedule your complimentary hair consultation today!

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