How Artemis Can Help You Choose a Chemotherapy Wig

Houston human hair wigsWe make choosing a chemotherapy wig easy and comfortable

When a woman is about to begin chemotherapy, the first thing she thinks about is:
Will I live?  Will I lose my hair?

The treatments can be very daunting on the body and the emotions, let alone the social aspect of feeling like everyone is looking at us differently because we are losing our hair.

We want to be able to focus on our treatment and focus on our family, and not on people staring at us.

When we share our concerns about losing our hair, we often hear “It’ll grow back.” We know those friends, family members or health care providers are trying to be supportive when they say that, but let’s face it, for us women our hair is a big part of our identity.  It’s what helps us feel beautiful and feminine.

Your Wig Should Look Natural – Virtually Undetectable

When it comes to looking for a hair garment, the goal is for it to look natural, as if you’re not even wearing a wig. When done correctly, that exactly the results you can achieve at Artemis Hair Studio with high quality human hair wigs (garments.)

Artemis has had the honor of going through the chemotherapy process with many clients. It’s something we don’t take lightly, knowing how sensitive hair loss can be for us women.

We’re privileged to have earned your trust.   In addition to helping you find a chemotherapy wig for your style, we’ve also learned how to best support you while helping you choose your chemotherapy hair garment:

  • We help you prepare for your hair loss.
  • We share with you what you can expect from changes in your hair as you are going through the chemotherapy treatment.
  • We  take the stress out of choosing a chemotherapy wig by helping you create your natural look, so you can maintain your identity while you’re going through your treatments.

Keep Your Identity Or Try A New Look

For those women who want to try out a completely new look, we can help you try on various styles and colors in a private setting, until we determine the look you want.

Our garments are specifically tailored to each of our customer’s measurements, color and style.

Our custom base is a non-slip silicone material that will adhere to the scalp preventing the need to use any strong adhesives.

We’ve established that a chemo wig must look natural and undetectable, but the most important detail about our chemotherapy wigs is not only our superior natural look but the way they fit and feel.

Many our our clients tell us they often forget they are wearing a wig.

Contact us for more info about our Chemotherapy Wigs or
call us at (713) 576-6918 to book your FREE consultation.

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