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Women's Hair Loss Treatment For Lupus, Alopecia, Cancer and more.What is Lupus?

Lupus is a very disabling and chronic auto immune disease.  It occurs mostly in women but men are not immune to the disease either.  More than 1.5 million people in the US and millions worldwide suffer from Lupus.  While the symptoms of Lupus are many, and vary widely from person to person, most include, joint pain, fatigue, skin rash that may come and go away; and that rash may last for many months.   Many diagnoses of Lupus are overlooked and sometimes it may take years for an accurate diagnosis to be made.

Lupus and Hair Loss

Hair loss in Lupus patients can be caused by two things. First it can be affected by the type of Lupus. There is Cutaneous Lupus which is Lupus of the skin and it could be in the form of discoid Lupus or sub-acute lupus. The damage that ensues alters the regular function of the hair follicle. Certain medications also have a role in hair loss. While it is reversible, you might have to wait until the Lupus is under control to treat the loss of hair. The two types of medication that are usually prescribed and can cause hair loss are Corticosteroids and Immunosuppressive Medications.

Perhaps total hair loss cannot be prevented but some steps can help minimize it. Don’t wait to get Lupus hair loss treatments started. The sooner you begin the more chances of being able to reverse hair loss due to discoid or cutaneous Lupus. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as you can. Many patients experience photosensitivity which can cause flares. Try to avoid Lupus flares by managing your stress levels and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Contact your physician if you have any rashes or round scaly lesions on your face or in your scalp.  Discoid lupus can cause hair loss permanently due to the scarring that will ensue if the affected area is not treated promptly.

Quality of Hair

Many patients with Lupus experience what is called “lupus hair” which is brittle and dry hair along the edges of the scalp area. This can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, styling techniques and thyroid imbalance.  Basic laboratory tests to check thyroid levels iron, and levels Vitamin B can help in determining potential causation.   Some individuals use vitamins supplements such as Biotin and Super Absorbable Tocotrienols but always check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement or treatment that might conflict with your medication.  It is not recommended to treat hair loss with medications such as Rogaine treats female and male pattern alopecia, which is a total different hair loss type than lupus.

Discoid lupus, facial scars, or rashes from cutaneous lupus affect all people differently socially, emotionally and psychologically.  Visible scarring of the facial area or patches where hair will not grow back has a big effect on quality of life and self-esteem.  This scarring can affect the individual’s personal life by creating an environment where the person suffering with the disease does not feel like interacting in social/work settings.  It is very important to know that this can lead to feelings of isolation and possible lead to an increase in depression.  It is a good idea to have a good support system in place before signs of this begin to occur.  Open honest communication with your doctors, family and friends is very important to help ward off an early onset of depression and to get the proper help needed.

Houston Alopecia Hair Loss TreatmentThings You Can Do About Alopecia and Lupus Hair Loss

    1. Change your hairstyle– Your stylist might be able to suggest some different hair styles that can cover up your bald area due to hair loss or thinning.  Layering of the hair can also give the appearance of thicker hair.  Certain hair products such as Mediceuticals Volume, a hair volumizing and cuticle treatment, can help.
    2. Accessorize-There are a lot of stylish hats, scarves available in the market place. The internet is also a great place to look.  You Tube is a tool for interesting videos on scarves and wraps trying to cover hair loss.
    3. Purchase a wig– Artemis Hair Studio in Houston, TX is the premier stop for the most natural look in women’s garments (wigs). They use only the best quality of European Hair. The process is custom to you, your area of loss is measured and your specs are sent to the lab.  The garment is manufactured and sent back to them and the garment is cut to your specific specifications.  Pictures help tremendously to present to the stylist.  Most insurance companies will reimburse for the purchase of a garment for an approved medical situation, i.e., chemo/alopecia.


Lupus Hair Loss in Houston

Houston women with hair loss caused by Lupus, Alopecia, Cancer Treatments, or genetic hair loss have come to trust Artemis Hair Studio. Our caring sensitive staff is here to answer your questions, assist you in getting reimbursement for your cranial prosthetic wig (for medical conditions only) and help you create a look that will leave you confident and feeling beautiful. We can recreate your look before your affected hair loss, or if you’d like we can create a whole new style. The first step in treating your hair loss is a free, no obligation consultation. Our caring staff will access the stage of your hair loss, and discuss your options in a private comfortable setting.

Schedule your consultation today by filling out the contact form above or calling us at: (713) 667-1283

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