How to Sculpt Natural-Looking Eyebrows After Hair Loss


Losing your hair can feel devastating, whether youre battling cancer or suffering from any number of conditions that rob you of your luscious locks. After all, your hair is part of your identity, and to lose that, it can feel like youre losing a part of you. At Artemis Hair Studio, we understand how important it is to feel confident and comfortable, which is why we craft gorgeous hair garments to help empower women when theyre dealing with hair loss. However, its not just the hair on your head that gets lost. If youre struggling with how to create natural-looking eyebrows, whether youve lost all your hair or its thinning, experiment with these ideas to find the solution thats right for you.


Get Acquainted with Stencils (Ideal for Those with Some Hair)

Stencils are available almost everywhere makeup is sold; from high-end cosmetics stores through corner drug stores. You may find them in packs with lots of shapes to experiment with or alone, but if you havent used them before, always make sure youre getting a few choices, so you can see what works best for you. If you still have some of your eyebrows or theyre thinning, its very easy to line it up right.

You Will Need

  • Stencils in a Variety of Shapes/ Sizes
  • A Brow Brush (comb on one side, bristles on the other)
  • A Small Fluffy Makeup Brush (about the width of your desired brow)
  • A Chisel-Tip Makeup Brush
  • Two Shades of Powder or Cream Brow Filler or Eye Shadow (one should be an exact match for your hair or hair garment and the other should be a shade lighter)

How to Use the Stencil

Start by placing the template or stencil over your brow. Dont worry too much about areas with hair that are still outside the stencil. Once you settle on a style and shape you like, you can remove the unshaped hair with tweezers or a razor.

Comb your brows with the brow brush. This helps make sure that your finished look is polished and that any makeup you add goes on smoothly.

Use your lighter color on the fluffy brush and gently go over the entire open area of the stencil. For the best results, tap off any excess powder before you bring the brush to your brow, and only move the brush in the natural direction of the hair.

Remove the stencil. If you already know that this is the shape youre happy with and like, this is the optimal time to remove any rogue hairs, as the outline of the perfect brow is already in place.

Use the darker shade on the chisel brush to fill in any light spots. Again, youll want to tap off any excess powder before you start and move in the natural direction of the hair.

Comb again and finish. Give your eyebrows one last run through with the comb gently and adjust any spots that need it, then repeat the process with your other brow.

Use Dot-to-Dots (Ideal for Those with Little-to-No Hair)

If your brow bones are bare, finding the ideal place to put the stencil can be tricky, but theres a simple way to align it properly: the dot-to-dot method.

You Will Need

  • An Eyebrow Pencil
  • Anything with a Straight Edge (an extra pencil, a brush handle, etc.)
  • All Items From the First List
  • Optional: Brow Gel (Gimme Brow, ka-BROW!, etc.)

How to Align and Fill Your Eyebrows

Start by locating your brow ridge. Simply feel along the space above your eye until you find your bony ridge. The bottom of it is where your natural brow would begin, so this is where youll place your dots.

Lay your straight edge so it rests on the edge of your nose and aligns with the innermost corner of your eye. Place a very light dot on your brow ridge there.

Keep your straight edge against your nose, but angle the top, so it rests on the far corner of your eye. Add another dot where it meets your brow ridge.

Leaving the bottom of your straight edge against your nose, slide the top toward the center of your brow ridge. Make a third dot there.

Place your stencil in line with the dots and connect them. If you have some brow hair to work with, you can use eyebrow gel to help fill or draw in fine hair lines with a pencil, moving from dot to dot. If you have more advanced hair loss, skip this and fill in using the stencil technique outlined in the initial instructions.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are many products designed to help build and fill eyebrows, and just as many methods to make them look natural. Spend some time experimenting with the different options to see which works best for you, and remember that your technique and products that work best will likely change as you manage your condition. Stick with it, though, and youre sure to see the real you coming through in the mirror.

Complete Your Look with a Quality Hair Garment

Maintaining your natural look is important, whether it helps you retain normalcy at work, gives you the confidence to go out, or simply puts the bounce back in your step. If youve lost your hair or are battling with thinning hair, and are not happy with the unnatural look of traditional wigs, let Artemis Hair Studio create a custom solution for your needs. Complete our quick online form or contact us directly at (713)576-6918 to schedule your free consultation today.

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