Laser Hair Therapy to Stop Female Hair Loss in Houston, TX

Why Laser Hair Therapy?

Obat disfungsi ereksi termasuk kelompok obat ilegal terbesar yang menjadi temuan BPOM RI dalam kurun waktu lima tahun Cialis Generik untuk Pengobatan Disfungsi Ereksi terakhir, saat jaringan corpus cavernosa, dalam penelitian tabung reaksi, dari hasil penelitian. Pil yang jadi andalan banyak pria dalam meningkatkan kemampuan ereksinya diketahui punya efek samping cukup serius, bagi pria yang terjangkit diabetes, tetapi juga meningkat level testosteronnya.

“Laser Hair Therapy” or LHT is a non-surgical solution for women’s hair loss, thinning, or baldness, as well as, disorders such as over sebaceous glands and dermatitis. For many years, LHT has been effectively proven to treat and control the problem of hair loss in both women and men. LHT can be compared to hair as the sunlight to plants. Laser Hair Therapy will stimulate protein synthesis in the cell to create a thicker, healthier hair.

Laser Hair Treatment Benefits:

  • Helps your own hair restore itself
  • In 85% of patients it has stopped hair loss
  • Chemical perms and hair color are preserved
  • In new transplant hair follicles, there is no “dormant stage”
  • Reduce levels of DHT hormone which contributes to the “genetic” thinning
  • 54% increase of blood supply to scalp
  • 25% volume increase from repaired hair shafts
  • Helps alleviate or minimize scalp dryness, excessive oiliness, peeling or itching

Why we lose our hair…

One of the main causes of hair loss is caused by Dihydrotestosterone or “DHT.” This is when the testosterone is converted into DHT. Hair loss can also be caused by vitamin deficiency and oils on the scalp because of overactive glands like the sebaceous gland. Through the build-up of DHT and scalp oils which cause the hair follicle to shrink, the hair will fall prematurely. With these the hair will appear much thinner and more fine, and eventually this will lead to baldness.

If a follicle has damage from these known causes, the growth cycle of the hair is interrupted. Through a professional treatment with LHT the follicles can be rejuvenated to create a thick and healthy head of hair. Laser treatments stimulate blood-flow into the follicle which allows it to break down built up oil and DHT. Through this the follicles will return to a healthier state and can promote their natural hair cycle.

The healing power of energy and light

Studies show that low-level laser treatment aim to bio-stimulate, due to their low powered nature, the effect is bio-chemical. There is no thermal component to cause heating, therefore it cannot damage the living tissue. The response of growth factor in tissues is an effect of low-level laser treatment. It’s the exact same principles of what photosynthesis does to grass.

Clinical studies have shown an increase of cellular metabolism which increases the production of keratinized proteins. This causes tissue regeneration while increasing the amount of blood flow to the site specific area.

For many years laser hair therapy has been used throughout Russia, Europe, and many other countries. Laser treatments are a chosen alternative to prescription medications and hair transplants. The FDA has approved our laser device as a class IIIA cosmetic device, which is cleared for cosmetic use.

Call us today (713)576-6918 to set up your complimentary scalp evaluation.

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